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February 2022

Imaging of the Post Treatment Head and Neck
Prashant Raghavan, Robert E. Morales, Sugoto Mukherjee, Editors

Treatment for congenital, traumatic, and neoplastic diseases of the head and neck may result in radical alterations in already complex anatomy, with structures removed either in part or in their entirety or reconstructed with hardware or grafts derived from elsewhere in the body. Expected changes in anatomy may mimic or mask recurrence of the disease treated. These procedures may result in complications that may be serious in their own right. It is no surprise then, that there is perhaps no imaging study that radiologists approach with more trepidation than cross-sectional examinations of the posttreatment head and neck. This issue of the Neuroimaging Clinics attempts to demystify interpretation of these studies by assembling an array of review articles written by an expert group of neuroradiologists, oncologists, and otolaryngologists.

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